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EcoCatchers 3 Gallon Compost Bags for Countertop Bin

JC from Arizona
I bought theses bags to compost kitchen waste. The ones I bought locally were ok but did not have handles so I could only half fill them, in order to tie a knot to throw in the bin. The size of these bags is perfect for a week or so and can very easily tie off and drop in the bin.
I like the fact that they are in a roll and can easily access without rummaging through the box for a new bag. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to compost kitchen waste and save time and effort and bags.

4C Flatware 200 PC Compostable Cutlery Set

Tyler from New York
I found this flatware to be very strong for a compostable alternative to the plastic option. My experience with other environmentally-friendly flatware is that they bend under heat (hot soup), break easily (fork tines), or aren't sturdy (flimsy knives). Disposable flatware is easy for my lifestyle and I like that. I've found an alternative that will limit my carbon footprint and reduce plastic use at the same time.

Lovley Lites Soy Tealight Candles Vanilla Scent

Chris from Vancouver
Super cute and the candles smell amazing! Great value for your money and the thickness of the mini double layer glass it comes with is sturdy. The moment you open the box you can smell the vanilla!
Looks cool with the lights turned off :)

Ember Set of 2 Microwavable Heating Pads

So exceeded my expectations! I love this set and cannot recommend enough! I wanted microwaveable rice bags with removable sleeves for washing and this was one of the few I found. The two sizes are good for various ailments and I think the cups are such a great addition, I wasn't aware a bit of water is used for rehydration. The packaging is fantastic, this and the affordable price will have me purchasing a few more Christmas gifts!

Neatrix Stackable Kitchen Containers with Airtight Lids

Love how these storage containers come in different sizes. The accessories are an added bonus to the set - super cute measuring cups and labels. Excellent customer service as well as I encountered a minor issue but the seller responded and resolved the issue within one day.

Lovley Lites Set of 3 LED Pillar Flameless Candles

These candles are great.. the flicker the brightness, its all just perfect and just as good as a real candle. If you are scent adverse or having a real flame is not advisable for you then these candle will give you the same vibe as a real candle without those things.

EcoCatchers 13 Gallon Compostable Bags Wavetop

Jim MacRae
I bought these bags to fit an undersink IKEA trash bin that we use for compostable waste. IKEA does not sell a bag for this bin and none of the common compostable bags fit as the bag opening is either too big or too small. I was skeptical at first to buy them based on other reviews but decided to give them a try. Although the bag thickness is thin, none have split or fallen apart so far when fully loaded. I did notice that if I put a lot of liquid in the bag it tended to seep through the plastic but it did not split when I removed it from the bin.
I will definitely buy these again.

PLA Stix 200 Compostable Straws Bendy & Straight

The Modernish Medium
I have sensitive front teeth so have to use a straw for cold drinks (sometimes hot drinks!). Its not cool to use single use plastic straws anymore. I hate paper ones, I have silicone ones but they are bulky and I'm always cleaning them (wasting water). These compostable straws are JUST like plastic ones - thin, rigid and not too big but without the guilt of single use plastics. The straws are made of plant based material so you can chuck them right out into your garden, compost pile or flower bed.

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